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Appeal Your Property Taxes ( Dead Line  is April 1, 2011 )
Save money in 6 easy steps

1. Download this form   


2. After down loading and printing go to your County Website and look up you home valuation per the county

Follow these instructions if you need them 


Another  helpful link below or Google search as follows  ( your County ) Georgia tax assessor 


3. Contact your local realtor or let us at WoodForest Realty supply you with sold properties prior to Jan 1st 2011 in your area. This service should be free ( I know it is from us )

4. Fill in all the blanks

5. Put it in an envelope  Mail it return receipt requested or mail with proof of delivery.

6. Take your family on vacation with the savings ( Dont forget to double check your mortgage company escrow account for a payment reduction).

For the appeal process if you are denied you will win if you work at it. 


Some other helpful links are as follows:

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